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Sellers T&Cs

Standard sale charges

  • An entry fee of £5.00 per lot will be levied on every lot entered for auction on each occasion it is offered for sale. The entry fee is payable irrespective of whether the lot is sold or not sold.
  • Loss & Damage premium of 1% will be charged on the total reserve/sale price with a minimum charge of £1.00 on each lot. Any amount over £1.00 will be rounded up to the nearest pound.
  • VAT at the prevailing rates will be levied on all fees.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Reserve prices may be placed on items offered for auction. Reserve prices of less than £100 will not be accepted.
  2. In the event a lot is withdrawn prior to sale, a charge of £50 or 5% of the reserve (whichever the greater) will be levied.
  3. The estimated selling prices suggested by the auction room are for guidance only and should not be regarded as true guide to the actual sale price realised.
  4. Any unsold lots not collected will be automatically re-entered into the next auction with a 20% reduction of the reserve price, and subsequently will be entered without reserve.
  5. We are unable to store unsold items, therefore we will sell uncollected items without reserve, or prior notice in order to recover any outstanding charges.
  6. Unsold or withdrawn lots will not be released until all outstanding charges have been settled in full.
  7. Cheques for the proceeds of the sale, (minimum of £5) less all applicable charges, will be mailed to the seller 28 days after the auction date – provided that Swan Fine Art Auctions has received full payment from the purchaser.
  8. Should any item without a reserve not attract a bid during the auction, the auctioneers reserve the right to dispose of the item.
  9. The vendor warrants to Swan Fine Art Auctions that he/she is the true owner of the property or has written authorisation from the true owner to sell the property.
  10. A charge of £2 is made for P.A.T. electrical testing on each electrical lot where applicable.
  11. Collection of lots by Swan Fine Art Auctions will incur a minimum charge of £50.
  12. Where lots are entered on this form without reserve, the lot may be sold to the highest bidder, whatever that price is. Lots sold with discretionary reserves may be sold at 15% below the bottom estimate.
  13. The cost of any illustrations is borne by you and at the discretion of Swan Fine Art Auctions. This includes photographs taken and used to promote your lots on the internet.