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Upcoming Auctions

7th December 2017 – Militaria, Natural History, Taxidermy, Paintings, Furniture, Jewellery and ojects of vertu

Entries close on 29th November. Please contact Matt Hull by email or telephone if you would like to consign a single item or an entire collection of Taxidermy/Natural History. matt@theswan.co.uk 
Telephone: 07795 085556

Auction Highlights

4th January Fine Art Auction Highlight

Our Fine art auction will be commencing on 4th January 2018 and we are delighted to be auctioning of such a rare find! A Chinese Imperial Dragon Robe – The coat is embroidered with mythological and symbolic Chinese flora and fauna in very fine silk floss of a single strand. The dragon images are embroidered in gold thread, holding the pearl of wisdom which is delicately embroidered in a circular concentric circles of sine satin stitch.

This dragon robe was presented to Sir Ganga Ram, Indian civil engineer and architect known as the ‘Father of Modern Lahore’, on an official visit to the Peking at the end of the 19th century. The robe itself is much older. Such elaborate robes or coats were presented as a mark of great honour by the head of a state to a visiting dignitary.

7th September 2017 - Natural History & Taxidermy

It was an exciting afternoon at our second quarterly Natural History sale. 281 lots of natural history and taxidermy followed by 800 lots of aquarian books, decorative arts, jewellery and antiques. A full room and telephone lines from around the globe.

Lot 77, Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore, an early 20th century taxidermy man-eater Tiger head, estimated at £6000-£7000. It sold for £6000. Another Van Ingen Tiger head, lot 107, estimated at £4000-£5000, sold to a very happy customer for just £3800.

The top taxidermy lot by High estimate was lot 77, Peter Spicer taxidermy Rhinoceros head with original horns, inscribed ‘RHINOCEROS SHOT BY C.C.B NYASALAND DEC 1920’, estimated at £35000-£40000.

There were some surprises along the way. Lot 124, a late 19th century taxidermy white cat under a glass dome, estimated at £1200-£1400. It sold for £1600. Lot 32, a late 19th century taxidermy Toad playing the flute, possibly by Walter Potter, estimated at £200-£300. It sold for £1300.